Understanding your cat

8 signs that prove that your cat loves you

With a hint of humor, it is often said that the cat is an insensitive being who only thinks to dominate the world … but it is not (always) true! The cat is also capable of love … and he knows very well how to testify to him.

He rubs against you

When your cat starts to rub against your legs, it deposits its smell, or more exactly its pheromones on you. It is a way of marking olfactory things that he holds. So you have to kind of understand that he cares about you, that he feels confident and safe at your side.
He purrs
The purring is the let go! The purr that the cat expresses at your side lowers your heart rate and allows you to relax. It is undeniably a proof of well-being and affection towards you.
He shows you his belly
When a cat gets on his back and shows you his belly, it is a sign of confidence. In this position, he feels safe.
He sleeps against you
Take this attitude for an honor! Because if your cat falls asleep against you or on your knees, it is because he feels completely confident, to the point of abandoning himself …
The tip of his tail contracts
The cat has many ways to move his tail, and each of them has a meaning. When he contracts it to the point, he feels happy. If he does so by seeing you or rubbing against you, he shows you his affection.
He licks you
It is often said that the dog licking his master tells him that he loves him. In the cat, it’s the same, it’s a proof of love.
He kneads
Your cat kneads you with his front paws and seems to offer you a real massage? This action, commonly known as “patronage” is produced by the kitten who sucks to stimulate the rise of milk of his mother. This essential gesture for the survival of the kitten is, when it becomes adult, a sign of well-being. The adult cat “patience” then what reminds him of his mom. If your cat kneads your thighs, for example, it’s because he likes you and feels good with you.
He brings you a gift
He offers you a mouse or a freshly hunted bird? Do not scold him! For him, hunting is an instinctive gesture, and the fact of bringing back your prey is a gesture of affection. He’s probably waiting for you to be proud of him …

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