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How do I know if my cat is sick?

What are the signs that may make you think your cat is sick?

To evaluate its general state
The first sign that lets you know if your cat is sick or not is the assessment of his general condition. This is something your veterinarian will need. It is about assessing one’s appetite, liveliness, enthusiasm and dynamism compared to usual. Only you, who live with your cat and who know him well, can evaluate these parameters and judge their normality or not.

Follow his weight
Accurate tracking of your cat’s weight is also an important criterion. You can trust what you feel when you stroke your spine or chest. If you feel bony prominences or ribs that you are not used to feeling, it can be a sign of weight loss. However, the only justice of the peace is the balance. If you have a doubt, it is best to weigh yourself with your pet and then without your pet and make the difference. It is more accurate to use a baby scale. In case of unexplained weight loss, consultation is required.

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