How to adopt a kitten?

Adopting a cat is not a snap. Easier to maintain than a dog, certainly, the cat must not be delivered to itself and deserves all the attention it needs..

Comme pour n’importe quel autre animal, l’adoption du chaton (ou du chat adulte) se fait après mûre réflexion.

What the cat will change in your life: the questions to ask before adopting

What consequences will adoption of a cat have on your daily life? There are several questions you need to ask yourself before knowing if you are ready to adopt a kitten:

Have you ever had a cat in your life?
Does the whole family agree to adopt a cat?
Are there cat allergies in your family?
What will bring you the presence of a cat everyday?
Are you planning to educate your cat?
Will your cat be able to go out?
What will you do with your cat when you go on leave?
Do you know the budget to spend on a cat?
Are you aware of the cat and its way of life?
Are you ready to make the changes in your environment so that your living space meets the physiological needs of your cat?
Are you ready to give him time to play on a daily basis?

A cat lives on average 12 to 15 years (the lifespan of the cat changes significantly if he lives inside or outside), and if you decide to adopt one, it will take care of you until at the end.

Which cat to adopt?
If your decision is made, the question of the cat that you will adopt is immediately asked. Rather a kitten or an adult cat? A purebred cat or a gutter cat? A male or female cat? This will of course depend on your lifestyle and your desires.

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