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How to clean the cat’s eyes

Cleaning the cat’s eyes is necessary every day in all cats during conjunctivitis.

For this we use a solution that has the same osmolarity as tears (physiological saline).

Soak a cotton pad with this solution and gently clean the eye area starting at the inside corner.

Avoid pouring the product directly into the cat’s eye: it is very unpleasant for him.

Tips from the vet to clean his cat’s eyes
The veterinary doctor Noémie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the Ecole Supérieure d’Aide Vétérinaires – Bonaparte Institute in Paris, gives you her tips and tricks:

1) You will need:
-an eye cleaning product for veterinary use,

  • compresses,
  • a treat to reward your cat at the end.
    You have everything? Let’s go: place your cat comfortably on a table or on your lap.

2) With your less skilled hand, spread your eyelids. With the other hand, pour the cleanser on the eye without touching it. With your fingers close and open the eyelids to distribute the cleaner. There is no risk of overdose.

3) Close the eyelids and wipe off the cleanser that is overflowing with a compress. For this step avoid the cotton, which can leave small filaments on the eye.

You succeeded ? It’s the same for the 2nd eye, remembering to reward in the end.

In conclusion: use a cat eye cleanser, spread the eyelids, apply the product, open and close the eyelids, wipe and reward.

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