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How to cut the claws of my cat

if your cat scratches your furniture or hurts you by playing with you, you can cut his claws with a suitable nail clipper.

It must be done every two weeks to three weeks, because they push back quickly. It’s better to get used to it when it’s small; if you start with an adult cat, have someone help you hold the cat.

To do this, use a nail clipper. Put the cat on your lap or on a table. Hold it under your arm and take the end of its paw between your fingers.

Gently squeeze the base of the claw with your thumb and the pad with your index finger to bring out the claw. Place the nail clipper perpendicular to the claw and cut the white part without reaching the pink pulp.

If you cut too short, the cat will bleed, but do not worry, your cat’s life is not in danger.

Also think about buying him a scratching post or a cat tree so that he gets his claws.

Tips from the vet to cut the claws of your cat

Dr. Caroline Rousseau veterinarian in Evry, explains how to cut the claws of your cat in 3 points:

Why cut your cat’s claws?
There are 3 major reasons to cut your cat’s claws:
first of all cat owners living exclusively often ask me to cut the claws of their little companion to avoid the damage (which we call scratches) on wallpapers…
we also cut the claws to avoid scratches on the hands or on the faces,
and finally the claws of older cats are cut because they can not retract their claws and therefore have difficulty walking because their claws fit into their pads.

How to perform this act?
Now let’s see how to cut the claws of a cat: I usually use a claw guillotine cut because it does not crush the claw and therefore is less painful for your cat. For the right-handed (and vice versa for the left-handed) press with the thumb and left index finger on the last phalanx to bring out the claw (because I remind you the claws of the cat are retractile), and cut with the right hand the end claw just above the pink pulp. Do this for each claw, one by one, not forgetting the lug that is a little higher on the leg.

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