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Prepare the house for her cat!

The cat likes to have four areas for his needs, but far enough apart from each other. Ethologists call them “home ranges”.

The cat likes to have four areas for his needs, but far enough apart from each other. Ethologists call them “territories”.

Each area corresponds to a specific activity: the game, which is equivalent to hunting, feeding, disposal, that is to say the litter box, and sleep.

This is the reason why the litter must be removed from the bowls since the area related to the food will be removed from the place where it will eliminate. It will be necessary to place the scratcher in the place where it prefers to make the claws, very often this place is located on the zones of passage, without modifying later the arrangement of these elements, because the cat has his habits. You must also show him where his bowls are.

Arrival of the cat and visit of the places
Water must be self-service. As soon as the cat arrives at home, it must be offered food in its bowl, initially maintaining the doses and type of food recommended by the breeder, so as to ensure a continuity of flavors and food nutritious.

Then, a detailed visit to the veterinarian will give the guideline of a good, custom-made diet.

He must also install his basket, knowing that it is he who chooses his place of rest and that what is imposed on him is doomed to failure.

Finally, we make sure to install different toys that are available in different places in the environment. At each end of the week, it is advisable to pick up the toys and take out others to keep the interest of your new companion. You will make 2 or 3 sets of different toys that will have a weekly turnover.

Finally, when your cat is used to it, we can play with him in a daily routine with the help of a feather duster that we shake off to initiate the game and we will move through the ‘apartment. We will take care to try to blow the cat on a chair, on different supports to allow him to spend his energy and offer him a fun activity by ensuring him to catch the feather duster about one time out of 4 to keep him motivated to play.

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