Understanding your cat

The cat from the Enlightenment to the present day

Between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century, cats saw their numbers increase throughout Europe, and in the tales in which they appeared, they painted their character both intelligent and independent, sympathetic and charming. In the eighteenth century, the advent of the Enlightenment allowed to overcome all superstitions: it was the century of the triumph of reason. The spread of this movement of philosophical and ideological thought freed man from religious fanaticism and allowed the cat to regain its dignity and freedom.

But the true “century of the cat” was the nineteenth century; romantic writers saw him as their symbol and became his most passionate defenders, influencing in this way also the feelings of the people who finally gave up their last prejudices. In addition to his qualities as a hunter, his beauty and elegance began to be appreciated, so that in 1871, at the Cristal Palace in London, the first cat show was organized. Exhibitions followed one another throughout Europe and America, and the first feline associations were created; from then on, interest in the cat grew steadily from day to day.

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