The different types of kittens

There are three types of behavior in kittens:

The shy kitten
He is reserved, does not come to you.

He lets himself be taken without saying anything but runs away at the first opportunity to shelter. He curls up on himself or tries to flee when he wants to manipulate it.

It is difficult to socialize as part of a family life but will be perfect for a single master.

The adventurer kitten
He comes to you, is interested in your business, comes to see you when you make a noise. He is very active, playful and curious. Therefore, he will need to be able to explore heights at home and play with you daily, at least twice a day.

The curious kitten

He is not the first to come to see you when he sees you or perceives a novelty. But it is often the one who will be posted a few meters to observe the situation before daring to approach. He shows some caution and can at the same time be very playful and cuddly once he is reassured.

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