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What cat likes to eat

The cat is often difficult, how to make him happy by feeding him with a diet that he likes and that is good for his health?

The meal is an opportunity to have fun, and the human understood it, through the kitchen. The cat is not exempt, and even if it is an animal of habits, extremely ritualized, it appreciates a little surprise and variety by stimulating its senses, in particular, the taste.

Taste is closely related to smell. Cats have a rather underdeveloped sense of taste. They have 473 taste bulbs against 9 000 in humans. But through the truffle and the smell, he perceives the taste of the food, and it is the most important criterion to choose what he will eat!

The flavors distinguished by the cat
On the face of it, the cat also distinguishes the four flavors: sweet, bitter, salty and acidic. But it particularly targets foods containing animal proteins and fat, which correspond to its main needs. Carbohydrates and sweet, unlike us, absolutely does not interest cats.

Taste is a real apprenticeship from an early age. The cat is conditioned by the first foods that are offered to him and is able to refuse any other food if he is too used to a food type. The more variety he is offered, the more he will ask for it.

Get accustomed to it as soon as possible. To avoid refusals, the meal can always be the same but ideally, it should not consist of a single food: make mixtures. The majority of cat foods are complete, but it is possible to combine a dry (croquettes) and wet diet, for example. This is also the diet of the majority of cats in our homes: it has the advantage of leaving a food at will (because the cat eats very regularly) and have a fun time with the wet, the opportunity for positive interaction with him.

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